Bambu lab Double-Sided Magnetic Spring Steel Build Plate for 3D Printers

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Style: PEI-PEI
Size: 257mmx257mm
Ships From: CHINA

257x257mm For Bambu lab Build Plate Double Sided PEO PET PEY PEI H1H Magnetic Spring Steel Bed For P1P P1S X1 X1-Carbon Bambulab

  • Double-sided printing: Convenient, durable, and practical.
  • Versatile compatibility: Suits a variety of filaments, especially PLA.
  • Easy first layer: Ideal for new users.
  • Easy to clean: Simply wipe with a wet tissue or alcohol.
  • Flexible spring steel sheet: Easily returns to a flat state even when bent.
  • Simple demoulding: Model can be easily removed by bending the spring steel sheet.
  • Effortless installation: Can be magnetically attracted to the hotbed for easy printing.
  • Notice: Peel off protective film before using. Cool the steel plate before removing the 3D printing model.
  • Recommended materials for printing with each type of sheet provided.
  • Maximum temperature resistance: H1H-phantom/light beam: max 200℃, PEY-smooth: max 180℃, PEF-flake/star: max 180℃, PET/PEO/PED: max 120℃, Gold texture PEI: max 300℃, Black texture PEI: max 300℃, Gold smooth PEI: max 200℃, Black smooth PEI: max 200℃

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Style: PEI-PEI
Size: 257mmx257mm
Ships From: CHINA

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