Super Strong Clear Waterproof Double Sided Adhesive Tape: Premium Quality for Home, Bathroom & More

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Style: 3 Meters
Width: 3mm

3 Meters Super Strong Double Sided Adhesive Tape Transparent Waterproof Sticker No Traces Nano Tapes For Home Bathroom Supplies

  • Premium Quality: This acrylic clear double-sided tape offers good aging resistance, shear resistance, solvent resistance, softening resistance, and moisture resistance.
  • Wide Application: Perfect for securing phone LCD panels, screens, lenses, batteries, memory cards, camera covers, rubber pads, car accessories, and various household uses.
  • Strong Adhesive: Environmental-friendly with no odor, the long-lasting acrylic tape is coated with a powerful adhesive for reliable adhesion.
  • High Transparency: The crystal-clear double-sided mounting tape ensures no impact on appearance, ideal for glass decorations, easy to peel, and apply.
  • Residue-Free Removal: Easily removable without leaving any messy residues or damage on walls or surfaces, making it convenient for various applications.

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Style: 3 Meters
Width: 3mm

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