Car Door Carbon Fiber Handle Protection Film - Exterior Styling

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Style: 4PC Black

4Pcs/Set Car Door Sticker Carbon Fiber Scratches Resistant Cover Auto Handle Protection Film Exterior Styling Car Accessories

  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Size: 8.5*6.8cm
  • Color Options: Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Orange
  • Weight: 10g

Key Features:

  • Made of carbon fiber for high quality and durability
  • High viscosity and strong wear resistance
  • Protects door handles from scrapes and scratches
  • Good toughness and strong scratch resistance
  • Preserves paint around door handles
  • Suitable for all car models
  • Easy to install - peel off and fix on a clean, dry surface

Appeal: Enhance the exterior styling of your car while providing protection against scratches and scrapes with these carbon fiber door stickers.

Functionality: These stickers offer high quality, durability, and easy installation on various car models, ensuring your door handles remain pristine.

Benefits: Protect your car's door handles, maintain the paint finish, and add a stylish touch with these scratch-resistant carbon fiber covers.

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Style: 4PC Black

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