Black Polyester Webbing Band for Versatile DIY Projects

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Style: Black-25mm
Size: 5Meters

5/10Meters Black Polyester Webbing Band for Strap Backpack Pet Collar Ribbon Tapes DIY Belt Bag Garment Bias Binding Accessory

  • Key Features: 100% Polyester, Various Widths Available, Solid Color, Versatile Usage
  • Benefits: Durable, Easy to Sew, Multi-functional, DIY Friendly
  • Product Essence: Meetee Polyester Webbing Tapes for Bag Strap in Black
  • Unique Selling Points: Suitable for Backpacks, Pet Collars, Garments, Bags, and DIY Projects

Explore this high-quality Polyester Webbing Tapes for various applications such as bag straps, backpack accessories, garment sewing, and more. Choose from different widths to suit your needs.

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Style: Black-25mm
Size: 5Meters

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