Pure Copper Soldering Iron Tips Set: Upgrade Precision and Quality

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5Pcs I+B+K+2.4D+3C Soldering Iron Pure Copper 900M Soldering Iron Head Set Inside Hot Bare Copper Electric Soldering Iron Tip

Upgrade Your Soldering Game with Precision and Quality! Experience exceptional soldering performance with pure copper tips. Choose from 5 different tip shapes for versatile soldering tasks. Each tip is made from non-electroplated copper for easy tinning and excellent diamagnetic properties. Operates at a temperature range of 200-480° for various soldering needs. Designed for soldering stations, ensuring professional results.

Key Features:

  • High-quality copper material for durability and efficient heat transfer
  • Easy to tin and suitable for lower temperature soldering
  • Prevent black oxide buildup by tinning the tip regularly
  • Includes 5 different shapes to cater to different soldering requirements
  • Enhance precision and control during soldering tasks

Package Contents:

5 Pcs x Soldering Tips (I+B+K+2.4D+3C) *Please note: Actual product may vary slightly from the images shown.

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Style: C

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