ANENG Digital Multimeter Professional AC/DC Voltage Ohm Diode Tester

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ANENG A3005 Digital Multimeter Pen Type 4000 Counts Professional Meter Non-Contact Auto AC/DC Voltage Ohm Diode Tester For Tool

Key Features:

  • Automatic Identification: No need to manually select functions
  • High Performance: Stable, precise, and reliable readings
  • Clear Display: Large LCD screen with backlight
  • Multiple Functions: DC/AC voltage, resistance, continuity, and more
  • Superior Performance: Ideal for radio enthusiasts and households
  • Performance Features: Including NCV, phase sequence measurement, color screen display
  • Automatic Shut Down: For power saving
  • Buzzer Measurement: Audible alerts for convenience
  • Flashlight Lighting: Additional light source
  • Fast Continuity Test/Diode: Quick testing capabilities


  • Provides accurate and reliable measurements
  • Convenient automatic identification of measurements
  • Easy-to-read display with backlight
  • Wide range of functions for versatile use
  • Great for both professionals and DIYers
  • Power-saving automatic shut down feature
  • Audible alerts and additional light for user convenience
  • Fast testing for efficient workflow

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Style: A3005

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