ANENG Digital Multimeter: Professional Electrical Testing Tool

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Style: DT9205A blue

ANENG DT9205A Digital Multimeter

Explore the incredible functionality of the ANENG DT9205A Digital Multimeter, your go-to tool for all electrical testing needs.

Main Features:

  • AC/DC Voltage: Measure from 0V to 1000V (DC) and 0V to 700V (AC) with precision.
  • AC/DC Current: Test currents ranging from 0A to 20A effortlessly.
  • Resistance and Capacitance: Accurately measure resistance from 0-200M Ohm and capacitance from 0nF-200F.
  • Transistor and Diode Testing: Easily check transistors and diodes for functionality.
  • NCV Test: Non-contact voltage testing for added safety.
  • Auto Range and Analog Display: Enjoy the convenience of auto-ranging and the classic appeal of an analog display.

Compact and durable, this profesionally crafted multimeter is designed to withstand the rigors of electrical work. Whether you're a seasoned electrician or a DIY enthusiast, the ANENG DT9205A is the perfect companion for all your testing needs.

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Style: DT9205A blue

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