Auto Fastener Clip Mixed Car Body Push Retainer Rivet Bumper Trim Kit

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Style: A 50Pcs (Bagged)

Auto Fastener Clip Mixed Car Body Push Retainer Pin Rivet Bumper Door Trim Panel Fastener Kit

High-Quality Material: Made of durable nylon material, perfect for car applications.

Versatile Use: Ideal for attaching side skirts, bumpers, and other trim pieces, a must-have accessory for cars.

Convenient Packaging: Comes in a well-organized box or opp bags, making it easy to select the desired retainer quickly.

Complete Replacement Set: No need to worry about lost or damaged fasteners, includes all necessary retainers for replacing old or broken ones.

50Pcs Mixed Fastener Clip Package:

  • 10 x C05 Rivet Fasteners
  • 10 x C20 Rivet Fasteners
  • 5 x C32 Rivet Fasteners
  • 5 x B01 Rivet Fasteners
  • 10 x D02 Rivet Fasteners
  • 10 x A16 Rivet Fasteners

100Pcs Mixed Fastener Clip Package:

  • 20 x C05 Rivet Fasteners
  • 20 x C20 Rivet Fasteners
  • 10 x C32 Rivet Fasteners
  • 10 x B01 Rivet Fasteners
  • 20 x D02 Rivet Fasteners
  • 20 x A16 Rivet Fasteners

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Style: A 50Pcs (Bagged)

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