Automatic Bird Feeder Water Drinker Fountain for Pet Parrot Cage

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Bird Feeder Water Drinker Automatic Drinking Fountain Pet Parrot Cage Bottle Drinking Cup Bowls Pet Bird Supplies Dispenser

  • Thick Material: Durable, Safe, Non-toxic, Practical, Beautiful
  • Height Adjustable: The drinking bottle height can be adjusted to fit your pet
  • Suitable Capacity: drinking water bottled water is about 140ml-150ml
  • Transparent container: It is convenient for you to view the inside and replenish in time
  • Removable: Durable, simple, easy to use, and clean

This Bird Feeder Water Drinker Automatic Drinking Fountain is designed to provide convenience and practicality for your beloved birds. The thick material ensures durability and safety, making it a non-toxic and beautiful addition to your pet's cage. You can easily adjust the height of the drinking bottle to suit your pet's needs, and the suitable capacity allows for a sufficient water supply between refills. The transparent container enables you to monitor the water level effortlessly and refill in a timely manner. Additionally, the feeder/drinker is removable, making it a breeze to clean and maintain. Enhance your bird's feeding and watering experience with this efficient and user-friendly bird accessory.


  • Product Name: Bird Drinker Feeder
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Green

Package Included: 1 Feeder/Drinker/Spoon

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