Master Yoda Anime Building Blocks Set: Educational Action Figures Assembly Toy

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Building Blocks Anime Master Yoda Bricks Cartoon Action Figures Heads Assembly Educational Toys Kid Birthday Gift

Immerse in Creativity: Let your child's imagination soar with this Building Blocks set featuring iconic anime character Master Yoda.

Education through Play: Combining fun and learning, these bricks aid in developing fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

Celebrate with Style: Perfect for birthdays, these Cartoon Action Figures make a unique and memorable gift for kids.

Quality Materials: Made of ABS plastic, these blocks are durable and safe for children to play with.

Easy Assembly: With heads assembly design, kids can enjoy putting together their favorite character effortlessly.

Age-Appropriate: Suitable for children over 6 years old, these Star Wars Small Particle Building Blocks provide endless entertainment.

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