Car and Motorcycle Battery Charger with Smart Repair Technology

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Car Battery Charger 6A 12V Car and Motorcycle Battery Charging Device Lead-acid Battery Smart Repair LCD Display

  • 6A Charge Rate: Charge your car or motorcycle battery quickly
  • LCD Display: Monitor the charging progress
  • Smart Repair: Diagnose and repair your battery smartly
  • Lead-acid Battery Compatibility: Versatile and practical
  • 12V Battery Voltage: Suitable for a wide range of vehicles
  • Charging Capacity: Quickly charge your battery
  • Efficient and Safe Charging
  • Smart Repair Feature
  • Compatible with Lead-acid Batteries
  • 6A Charging Capacity

Specifications: Name: 12V 6A Intelligent Charger, Material: Plastic shell, Voltage: 12V, Types of Batteries: Most types of lead-acid batteries including Calcium, GEL, AGM, Wet, EFB, etc. Features: Microprocessor controlled, Overheat protection, Polarity protection, LCD Display, and more.

Package includes: 1 x 12V 6A Intelligent Charger, 1 x Manual

Ensure to follow the attention steps for safe and proper charging. Purchase this charger for efficient battery maintenance and peace of mind while on the road.

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