Duck Helmet Bike Car Ornament: Fun Yellow Duck Bike Accessory

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Car Duck With Helmet Broken Wind Pendant Small Yellow Duck Road Bike Motor Helmet Riding Cycling Accessories Without Lights

  • Good decoration: The cute rubber duck comes with a funny hat featuring a rotating propeller, perfect for decorating bicycles, cars, and more.
  • Unique design: This yellow duck ornament includes a helmet, glasses, necklaces, double-sided tape, belts, and lights for added flair.
  • Functionality: The duck has rotatable fan blades on top, providing a cooling effect while riding, reducing fatigue, and adding joy to your driving experience.
  • High-quality materials: Made of safe and non-toxic plastic fiber, these ducks are smooth, soft, elastic, and durable.
  • DIY duck: Customize your duck by assembling the gold chain, helmet, glasses, and bandage for a personalized touch.
  • Versatile: The duck decoration can be used as a bell for bikes and motorcycles, a car ornament, or simply as a stress-relief toy.
  • Additional accessories: Accessories such as a vibration light and fixed strap are also available for purchase.
  • Specifications: Material: Rubber+Metal, Color: Yellow, Type: Decoration
  • Package Included: 1Pc * Duck with Helmet (Note: straps are not included, please select the option to add them to your shopping cart if needed)
  • Notes: Please allow a 0-1 inch error due to manual measurement. Item color may vary slightly from the photos due to monitor calibration differences.
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Style: Only Bandage

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