Automotive Voltage Circuit Tester Probe for Car Diagnostics

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Car Truck Voltage Circuit Tester Auto 6V 24V Tools Car diagnostic Probe Test Pen Light Bulb electric measuring pen tools

  • Key Features: Sharp steel probe, Suitable for testing circuits, Alligator clip for grounding, Light indicator for electricity.
  • Benefits: Easily check circuits, fuses, switches, and wiring in low-voltage systems.
  • Functionality: Clamp alligator clip, Measure contact with pen tip, Light bulb indicates circuit status.
  • Specifications: Material: ABS+metal, Clamp capacity: 20A, Bulb: 3 watt, Voltage test range: 6v-24v, Pen length: 17.3 cm, Probe length: 8.3 cm, Wire length: 96 cm, Package weight: 140g.
  • Usage: Connect alligator clip to ground, Test circuits with the probe, Check circuit status based on light bulb indication.
  • Product Essence: Measuring pencil for accurate voltage testing in automotive systems.

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Style: Black cable

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