Lint Remover Brush: Portable Pet Hair Fluff Fabric Shaver Clothes Brush

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Style: Orange

Double-Side Lint Remover Portable Pet Hair Remover Brush Manual Fluff Remover Clothes Fuzz Fabric Shaver Carpet Clothes Brush

  • Key Features: Double-sided cutter head, Pure copper blade, Round blade, Hair ball not entangled, Widen and enlarge blade
  • Specifications: Brand Name: NoEnName_Null, Origin: Mainland China, Model Number: PH0868, Material: Plastic, Usage: CLOTHES, Production: Lint Sticking Roller, Style: manual, Color: Green, Blue, Pink, Size: 15.5x13.5cm
  • Benefits: Smooth & Shave sides, Rust-free copper blade, Soft round blade, Easy hair ball removal, Enlarged blade size
  • Functionality: Cleaning lint brush, Fluff Fabric Shaver, Fur Remover, Manual Lint Roller, Mini Lint Rollers
  • Appeal: Portable, Easy to use, Versatile, Efficient, Durable
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Style: Orange

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