PEI Magnetic Build Plate for Ender Upgrade - High Temp, Easy Clean, No Warping

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Style: 300- Magnetic Base
Ships From: CHINA
Dedication to Quality: Double Side PET Carbon Fiber+PEI Spring Steel Sheet PEI Magnetic Build Plate 180/220/235/310/350 Heatbed for Ender Upgrade

Key Features:

  • Double-sided Printing: Convenient and practical
  • High Temperature Resistance: Withstands extreme heat
  • Compatibility: Works well with various filaments, especially PLA
  • No Glue Needed: Easy to use without glue
  • Easy First Layer: Perfect first layer achievable for beginners
  • Easy to Clean: Effortlessly wipe clean before printing
  • Prevents Warping: Magnetic base with 3M adhesive prevents warping
  • Spring Steel Sheet: Made of durable stainless steel
  • Simple Demoulding: Models can be easily demoulded by bending the PET-PEI sheet
  • Product Details: Available in various sizes for different 3D printers

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Style: 300- Magnetic Base
Ships From: CHINA

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