Hamster Transparent Sand Bath Container for Small Pets

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Style: S rectangle

Hamster Bathroom House Sandbox Full Transparent Urine Sand Basin Golden Bear Supplies Sand Bath Container Small Pet Bathroom

  • Key Features: Sturdy plastic construction, 2-piece design for easy cleaning, prevents dust scattering
  • Benefits: Supports healthy coat care, encourages natural dust bathing instincts
  • Functionality: Provides a convenient dust bath for small animals

Unique Selling Points: Essential for chinchillas, gerbils, degus, and more, natural grooming instincts

Product Essence: Durable Acrylic Bath Container for hamsters and small pets

Appeal: Transparent design, suitable for various small animals

Material: Plastic and Acrylic

Size: S pentagon Size: 13X8X6.5X9cm, M pentagon Size: 16X10X7X12cm

Package Includes: 1 Pcs Hamster Sandbox + 1 Pcs Solid Wood Cover (Sand Not Included)

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