Scrub Uniform Jogging Pant - Healthcare Workwear for Nurses & Doctors

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Style: White
Size: S

High Quality Scrub Uniform Jogging Pant Pet Grooming Doctor Work Clothes Health Care Medical School Accessories Nursing Workwear

  • High Quality: Made of durable materials
  • Scrub Uniform: Suitable for medical professionals
  • Jogging Pant: Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Pet Grooming: Ideal for groomers
  • Doctor Work Clothes: Designed for healthcare professionals
  • Health Care: Promotes hygiene and cleanliness
  • Medical School Accessories: Perfect for students in medical fields
  • Nursing Workwear: Tailored for nurses
  • Soft: Provides a gentle feel on the skin
  • Breathable: Allows airflow for comfort

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Style: White
Size: S

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