Rose Pink Silk Peony Bouquet Artificial Flower Wedding Home Decor

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Hot Selling 1pcs/30cm Rose Pink Silk Bouquet Peony Artificial Flower 5 Big Head 4 Small Bud Bride Wedding Home Decoration Artifi

  • High-quality Silk Material: Crafted from premium silk for a realistic look
  • Ideal for Weddings and Home Decor: Perfect for special occasions and enhancing living spaces
  • 5 Big Heads and 4 Small Buds Design: Creating an elegant and lifelike bouquet
  • 30cm Length, 6cm Diameter: Ideal size for various decorative arrangements
  • Available in Multiple Colors: Including Rose Pink, Yellow, Pink Purple, and more
  • Perfect for Various Occasions: Wedding decor, home decoration, office, hotel, and parties
  • Sophisticated and Elegant: Elevate any space with a touch of beauty
  • Realistic Appearance: Mimicking the charm of fresh peonies
  • Long-lasting and Maintenance-free: No need for watering or sunlight
  • Pop of Color and Beauty: Enhance your surroundings with a vibrant bouquet

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Style: 3

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