LCD Digital Soldering Iron Kit: Efficient Temperature Control & Versatile Applications

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Style: White Set

LCD Digital Adjustable Temperature 80W Soldering Iron Electric Welding Tools Solder Wire Tweezers Hand

  • Digital Adjustable Temperature: Set the temperature to your desired level for precise soldering.
  • 80W Power: Heats up quickly and perfect for tough soldering tasks.
  • Adjustable Wire Tweezers: Customize tip size for various soldering projects.
  • LCD Display: Monitor temperature and settings easily.
  • Ceramic Temperature Control Heating Core: Ensures fast and efficient soldering.
  • High-Definition LCD Screen: Displays temperature status clearly.
  • Temperature Range 200℃-500℃: Allows for precise temperature adjustment.
  • High-Quality Alloy Construction: Resists oxidation and meets various job requirements.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for welding circuit boards, repairing appliances, DIY projects, and jewelry welding.
  • Temperature Stability ± 5 °C: Ensures precise soldering results.

Choose between black or white color options to suit your preference. Get fast, efficient, and precise soldering results with this versatile 80W soldering iron kit.

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Style: White Set

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