Magic Tissue Box Sensory Toy for Baby Learning & Play

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Color: 1pc box 10pc scarf-1

Montessori Toys Magic Tissue Box Baby Educational Learning Activity Sensory Toy

Key Features:

  • Promotes sight and hearing development
  • Enhances texture, sound, and color recognition
  • Prints of alphabet, numbers, animals, bugs, and more
  • Exercises early brain enlightenment
  • Made of high-quality soft fabric
  • Safe, washable, no fading or deformation
  • Includes numbers, letters, fruits, animals, colors, and more
  • Bright and colorful design
  • Each side features different patterns
  • Introduces new textures and sounds


  • Stimulates multiple senses
  • Promotes cognitive development
  • Encourages learning through play
  • Safe and worry-free for parents
  • Keeps babies engaged for hours


  • Interactive educational toy
  • Colorful and engaging for babies
  • Encourages fine motor skills
  • Provides sensory stimulation


  • Reusable tissue box design
  • Crinkly sounds for curiosity
  • Helps in sensory exploration
  • Great for finger exercises

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Color: 1pc box 10pc scarf-1

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