Plastic Welding Kit: Powerful Heat Gun for Car Bumper Repair

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Style: 220V with 400 PCS

New Heat Gun Plastic Welding Machine Bumper Soldering Iron Staples Bumper Repair Car Tools Kit HOT Stapler Plastic Welder

Powerful and Efficient: With 70W power and a weight of about 700g, this heat gun is perfect for car bumper crack repair and various welding tasks.

Versatile Functionality: From plastic welding to filler welding, hole repair, nail planting, hot smoothing, thermal cutting, and tin welding, this tool does it all.

Easy to Use: The kit includes different repair nails for various crack types and a soldering iron for precise work.

Enhanced Durability: Plastic heating is smoothed, welded, and doubled in strength for long-lasting repairs.

Convenient Design: The hot stapler welding machine operates at 110V/220V with adjustable output power and voltage for efficient and energy-saving performance.

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Style: 220V with 400 PCS

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