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Cat Feather Interactive Wand Toy: Safe Material, Powerful Suction, Fun Exercise

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Cat Feather Interactive Wand Toy: Safe Material, Powerful Suction, Fun Exercise

Pet Cat Toy Cat Wand Fluffy Feather with Bell Sucker Cat Stick Toy Interactive Toys for Cats Kitten Hunting Exercise Pet Product Latest Cat Stick Wand Interactive Cat Toys Safe Material: Feather toys for cats, natural feathers are made of safe and non-toxic dyes. Dual-use mode: The high-interest cat funny cat stick is composed of feather + steel wire + chassis, They can be assembled together or used separately. Powerful Suction Cup: The base of the toy is designed with a powerful suction cup base, and the bottom can bear a weight of 6 kg. Perfect Interactive Cat Toy: This cat toys wand suitable for all kittens and cats of all ages. Handheld model: You can hold the cat stick to interact with your cat. Suction cup type: You can fix it on the floor or wall, and the cat will play with it. You can separate the stick from the base, hold it and play with the cat. Quality Assurance, Warm Service, Customer Satisfaction Fast Shipping: Order processed within 1-3 days. Recommend choosing faster shipping option for better tracking. Quality Feedback: Encouragement for positive feedback and 5 stars to motivate us to provide better service.

Key Features:

  • Safe Material Feather toys for cats
  • Dual-use mode cat funny cat stick
  • Powerful Suction Cup
  • Perfect Interactive Cat Toy
  • Handheld model
  • Suction cup type
  • Quality Assurance Warm Service Customer Satisfaction
  • Fast Shipping
  • Quality Feedback

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