Ultrasonic Anti Barking Dog Training Device: Stop Bark, Repel, Train, LED

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Pet Dog Repeller Anti Barking Stop Bark Training Device Trainer LED Ultrasonic Anti Barking Ultrasonic Without Battery

  • Key Features: LED Ultrasonic, Anti Barking, Easy to Operate
  • Benefits: Stops Barking, Trains Dogs, Suitable for Various Dog Types
  • Functionality: Repels Dogs, Trains Pets, Police Dogs, Shepherd Dogs
  • Appeal: Effective Training, Deters Unwanted Behavior

Brand Name: JETTING
Item Type: Agility Equipment
Origin: Mainland China
Type: Dogs
Is Smart Device: No
Material: Plastic
Model Number: None
Battery not included!

Description: Easy to Operate, train all Kinds of Dogs such as those that are Used as Pets, in Police, and for Shepherding. Material: Plastic. Color: As shown in the figure. Size: As shown in the figure. Package includes: 1PC

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Style: A2

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