Reflective Non Slip Pet Shoes for Small Dogs: Winter Warm Boots for Bichon Corgi Chihuahua Teddy

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Style: 4pcs-summer green
Size: size 0 ( 3.5 3cm)

Pet Shoes For Small Dogs Reflective Non Slip Wear Resistant Winter Warm Boots For Bichon Corgi Chihuahua York Teddy Soft-soled

  • Key Features: Reflective, Non-slip, Wear-resistant, Winter Warm, Soft-soled
  • Brand: Qizbone
  • Material: Leather, PVC sole, Waterproof fabric
  • Set Type: Yes, Packed with 4pcs
  • Applicable for: Small Medium dogs like Yorkie, Pomeranian, Bichon Frise, Teddy, Small Corgi, various puppies
  • Advantage: Puppy soft-soled shoes, not easy to fall off, Add velvet for warmth retention
  • Color: Blue, Orange
  • Pre-sale Notice: Measure carefully to choose the correct size

To measure the size of your dog's foot, ensure the feet stand normally without pressing down. The size chart provides inner length suitable for dog feet. These high-top soft-soled pet shoes are water repellent, have reflective straps, edge waterproofing, wear-resistant and non-slip sole, with added velvet for warmth and heel stability.

Size Chart

Find the perfect fit for your furry friend to enjoy the benefits of these stylish and functional pet shoes.

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Style: 4pcs-summer green
Size: size 0 ( 3.5 3cm)

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