Dog Training Treat Bag: Outdoor Puppy Snack Reward Waist Pouch

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Style: Green

Portable Dog Training Treat Bag Outdoor Pet Dog Treat Pouch Puppy Snack Reward Waist Bag Dog Poop Bag Dog Carriers Bags

  • Key Features: Mini backpack style, two pockets design, metal carabiner, waterproof nylon fabric, built-in dog waste bag holder
  • Benefits: Convenient for outdoor activities, travel, treats training, keeping dog's treats dry, ready-to-use dog waste bags
  • Functionality: Safely store smartphone, money, or keys, secure to any dog leash, harness-belt, retractable leash
  • Appeal: Fashionable, eco-friendly, multifunctional, lightweight, large capacity

Find this Portable Dog Training Treat Bag with mini backpack style, waterproof nylon fabric, and built-in dog waste bag holder on PetLums.

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