STONEGO Carbon Steel Screw Extractor Set for Effortless Bolt Removal

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STONEGO 5PCS/6PCS Broken Damaged Screwdriver Extractor Drill Bit Set

  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from carbon steel, tempered twice for exceptional hardness and durability.
  • Versatile Use: Works effectively on wood, machine screws, flat, hex, or painted over screws.
  • Multiple Sizes: Includes various sizes of screw extractors to cater to different needs and ensure a long service life.
  • Effortless Removal: Capable of extracting damaged bolts, screws, and pipes that regular screwdrivers cannot disassemble.
  • Convenient Solution: Makes it easier to remove damaged, peeled, rusted, or cracked screws from wood or metal surfaces.
  • Efficient Performance: Facilitates the quick and efficient removal of various broken head bolts and screws.

Specification: Brand: STONEGO, Material: Carbon Steel, Color: Black, Quantity: 5PCS or 6PCS

Package Included: 5PCS Screw Extractor Drill Bits or 6PCS Screw Extractor Drill Bits

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