Electronic Drawing Tablet: Endless creativity for kids with LCD Screen & Easy Correction

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Style: 8.5Inch White

Toys for Children 8.5Inch Electronic Drawing Board LCD Screen

Explore endless creativity with the Toys for Children 8.5Inch Electronic Drawing Board LCD Screen! Let your little ones dive into a world of digital artistry and fun with this innovative drawing tablet.

Main Features:

  • 8.5 inch LCD screen for vibrant and clear drawings
  • Input pressure sensitivity of 100-200g for precision
  • One-click delete function for easy corrections
  • Low power consumption for long-lasting use
  • ABS frame construction for durability
  • Lightweight and portable design for on-the-go creativity

Product Details:

  • Choice of colors: white, black, blue, red, green
  • Size: 22 * 14 * 0.5cm (8.5")
  • Supports one-button lock and clear screen
  • Environmentally friendly with no need for ink
  • Safe for children with no radiation
  • Easy to clean with a soft cloth

Unleash imagination and learning with this electronic handwriting pad that is perfect for various occasions. Get your hands on the Toys for Children 8.5Inch Electronic Drawing Board LCD Screen today!

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