WiFi Smart Light Switch: Neutral/No Neutral 120 Wall Touch Alexa, Google Home

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Tuya WiFi US Smart Light Switch Neutral wire/No Neutral wire Required 120 Type Wall Touch Switch Work with Alexa, Google Home

  • Two Wiring Methods: Supports both Neutral system and No Neutral system. Requires a capacitor for No Neutral system.
  • 3 Control Methods: Allows control via APP, Voice, and Touch.
  • Wi-Fi Direct Connection: No need for a gateway hub, simply connect to the Internet for smart control.
  • APP Remote Control: Control the switch from anywhere using Tuya or Smart Life APP.
  • Link with Other Smart Devices: Create a smart home ecosystem by connecting with other devices.
  • Voice Speaker Control: Compatible with Alexa and Google Home for voice control.
  • Timing Function: Set timers for automatic on/off functionality.
  • Shareable Control: Easily share control access with family members.
  • Sensitive Touch Control: Durable tempered glass touch screen with water-proof and scratch-resistant properties.
  • Easy Set-Up: Simple installation process via Smart Life/Tuya App with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

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Style: US White 1 gang

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