Long Durable Retractable Dog Leash for Large Breeds: Heavy Duty Nylon, Automatic Extend, Quick Release

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Style: Green
Size: 3m - 15 kg
Ships From: CHINA

Long Strong Pet Leash For Large Dogs Durable Nylon Retractable Big Dog Walking Leash Leads Automatic Extending Dog Leash Rope

Key Features:

  • Heavy Duty
  • Durable Nylon Material
  • Retractable Leash
  • Automatic Extending
  • Quick Release Feature
  • Available in Gray, Blue, Rose, Green colors
  • Suitable for All Seasons
  • Drop Shipping Option
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Various Sizes for Different Pet Weights


  • Offers Control for Large Dogs
  • Ensures Durability and Longevity
  • Provides Flexibility in Length
  • Convenient Automatic Extension
  • Easy to Use Quick Release Function
  • Personalization with Color Choices
  • Suitable for Year-round Use
  • Option for Direct Shipping to Customers
  • Strong and Reliable for Large Breeds
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Style: Green
Size: 3m - 15 kg
Ships From: CHINA

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